Why Some People Struggle to Let Go of Their Old Habits

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What does Old Habits Die Hard Mean?

The phrase “old habits die hard” is used to describe the difficulty that people have in breaking out of patterns of behaviour that they have been used to for a long period of time. Even when they may be aware that these habits are no longer serving them well, it can be tough to make the switch to new, healthier habits.

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For example You’ve been meaning to quit smoking for years, but somehow you always end up picking up the habit again. You know it’s bad for your health, but you can’t seem to shake it. Why is it so hard to let go of old habits, even when we know they’re not good for us?


First, we may not really be ready to let go of the habit.

There are a few reasons why Old Habits Die Hard.


old habits can be ingrained in our routines and difficult to change.


people face when trying to let go of old habits is that they don’t know how to replace the old habit with a new, healthier ones.

Sometimes, it may take a specific event or trigger to help us break out of our old habits.

How to break the cycle

Understand why you want to let go of the old habit

Make a plan for how you will replace the old habit with new, healthier ones.

Set a date for when you will start implementing your plan.

Begin working on your plan, and be patient with yourself

How to break the cycle

Reward yourself for your progress along the way.

If you hit a setback, don’t give up

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