Ways to relax and Chill Out in 30 Minutes or Less


1. Take a soothing bath or shower

2. Indulge in some self-care

3. Spend time outdoors

4. Practice mindfulness or meditation

5. Connect with loved ones.

6. Indulge in your favourite hobby or pastime.

7. Get moving

8. Find some quiet time.

9. Treat yourself to a mini-spa day at home.

10. Find ways to be kind to yourself.

11. Make time for fun and laughter.

12. Connect with nature.

13. Practice gratitude.

14. Simplify your life.

15. Let go of perfectionism.

16. Practice self-care every day.

17. Take up a new hobby or interest.

18. Create a relaxing nighttime routine before bed.

19. Turn to your support network when needed.

20. Start each morning with a positive affirmation.

21. Be mindful of what you say to yourself.

22. Take breaks during challenging tasks.

23. Find some humour in stressful situations.

24. Connect with nature.

25. Stop procrastinating and start doing.

26. Be kind to yourself (and others).

27. Let go of perfectionism.

28. Simplify your life.

29. Set boundaries and stick to them.

30. Practice self-care.

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