Types of Meditation


Mindfulness Meditation


This is the most common type of meditation. It involves focusing on your breath and being aware of your thoughts and surroundings.

Mantra Meditation


This involves repeating a certain word or phrase to yourself. This can help to keep your mind from wandering.

Visualization Meditation


This involves picturing a There are many different types of meditations, each with its own unique benefits.

Insomnia Meditation


This type of meditation is specifically designed to help you fall asleep. It involves focusing on your breath and letting go of any thoughts or worries that are keeping you awake.

Guided Meditation


Guided meditation is often when you are guided by a teacher or audio recording through different visualizations, mantras, or breathing techniques. This is a great way to help you focus and relax when you are new to meditation.

Walking Meditation


This type of meditation is exactly what it sounds like. The goal is to simply focus on and bring awareness for a few minutes to the different sensations and sounds you hear as you are walking.

Loving-Kindness Meditation


This type of meditation involves sending positive thoughts and emotions to yourself and others.

Body Scan Meditation


This type of meditation involves focusing on different parts of your body and experiencing the sensations you feel in each area.

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