Traditional  Power stones for Leo?

The traditional power stones associated with Leo are ruby, sunstone, jasper, and tourmaline. Each gem embodies unique properties that harmonize with and amplify Leo’s attributes.

Embark on a courageous journey with this stone of protection, optimism, and ambition. Ruby instills unwavering confidence and a positive outlook, bolstering your resolve in challenging times.


Illuminate your path with joy and enthusiasm, for sunstone is a beacon of optimism and creative inspiration. It empowers you to stay focused on your goals, infusing your endeavors with warmth and radiance.


Unleash your adventurous spirit with the protective energy of jasper. This stone encourages you to explore new horizons, take calculated risks, and embrace life’s opportunities with unwavering courage.


Experience the harmonizing power of tourmaline, fostering balance and compassion in your life. It aids in focusing your energy on what truly matters, nurturing a deeper understanding of yourself and others.


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