Honey Calcite & Its Healing Properties 

Honey Calcite beautiful crystal has been used for centuries to help open and balance the chakras, as well as to promote spiritual growth and healing.

By incorporating it into your meditation and chakra practice, you can bring more harmony and balance into your life. 

What Is Honey Calcite?

Honey Calcite is a type of Calcium Carbonate crystal that is yellow or orange in color. It has a unique honey-like hue that makes it stand out among other crystals.  Honey Calcite is often found in Mexico, India, and other parts of the world. It has been used by healers for centuries to help open and balance the chakras.

Benefits of Honey Calcite

– Opens, activates, and balances chakras. – Facilitates connection to higher spiritual realms. – Promotes clarity of thought. – Supports emotional healing. – Enhances self-empowerment. – Aids in resolving communication issues with self and others.

What Chakras Does Honey Calcite Balance?

Honey Calcite is particularly helpful in balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra is associated with personal power, self-esteem, creativity, and self-acceptance.

Best Way to Use Honey Calcite for Meditation & Chakra Balancing

The best way to incorporate Honey Calcite into your meditation or chakra balancing practice is to meditate while holding it in your hand or placing it on specific parts of your body such as your third eye or heart chakra points.

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